Exam FAQ

Who is eligible to take the CCP® Exam?
The California Alliance of Paralegal Associations’ (CAPA) voluntary certification program is an opportunity for paralegals to validate their qualifications and offers a credential to paralegals working in California, compliant with Business and Professions Code ("BPC") Section 6450 et. seq., and meeting one the following requirements:

1. The applicant has a Certificate of Completion in paralegal studies from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved institutionally accredited educational institution. (Search for ABA approved paralegal programs)

2. The applicant has a Certificate of Completion in paralegal studies at, or a degree (associates or baccalaureate degree) from, a postsecondary institution that requires the successful completion of a minimum of 24 semester, or equivalent, units in law-related courses and that has been accredited by a national or regional accrediting organization or approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

3. The applicant has a baccalaureate degree or an advance degree, in any discipline, from an accredited educational institution, has four (4) years of substantive paralegal experience, and has completed the required minimum number of MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) credits pursuant to BPC § 6450(d) prior to submission of your application.

4. The applicant is a PACE® Registered Paralegal or CORE® Registered Paralegal through National Federation of Paralegal Associations - NFPA.

5. The applicant is a Certified Paralegal (CP®, CLA®, ACP®) through the National Association of Legal Assistants - NALA.

6. The applicant has a high school diploma or its equivalent, has a minimum of 10 years of substantive paralegal experience, and has completed the required minimum number of MCLE credits pursuant to BPC Section 6450(d) prior to submission of the application.The applicant has an associate’s degree or its equivalent in paralegal studies from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved or institutionally accredited educational institution.

     “Substantive paralegal experience” shall mean work requiring recognition, evaluation, organization, analysis, and communications of relevant facts and legal concepts and have worked          as a paralegal for a minimum of 4 years or 10 years, as referenced. (A declaration from the supervising attorney(s) asserting the substantive paralegal work experience is required.)

What if I am a student in a current paralegal program, can I apply for the CCP Exam?
Students may apply to sit for the CCP Exam after graduation from an ABA approved or institutionally accredited educational institution confirmed by the CCP Certification Committee.

What is the cost of the CCP Exam?
For the first 500 qualified applicants the Inaugural Exam Fee is $50.00. After the Inaugural period, please access the current CCP Exam Application provided online at www.caparalegal.org, Certification. All fees are non-refundable.

When and where will the CCP Exam be administered?
CAPA will be offering the CCP Exam multiple times a year in northern, central, and southern California. Please check CAPA’s website for future dates and locations.

What areas will be tested on the CCP Exam?
Section 1—Core Paralegal Competencies: Communications, California’s Legal System, Legal Research, and Legal Terminology;
Section 2—Ethics, California Rules of Professional Conduct, Business and Professions Code Section 6450 et. seq. , and Judgment and Analytical Skills; and
Section 3—Substantive Law: Civil Litigation; Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Probate & Trusts, and Real Estate Law.

What types of questions will be asked?
The CCP Exam is a written test consisting of 200 multiple choice and true/false questions. Questions in the exam may not be equally distributed among the different areas of law.

Is there a study guide?
Yes, a current CCP Study Guide registration is available on CAPA’s website, Certification. An electronic version will be delivered within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment; CAPA will provide updates and revisions as applicable prior to your CCP Exam at no further expenditure.

When will I receive my CCP Exam results?
Examinees must achieve a cumulative score of 75% to pass the CCP exam.  Examinees will receive their PASS/FAIL results by email notification from the CCP Administration Committee within 30 days of taking the CCP Exam. Paralegals that have successfully passed the CCP Exam will then be required to pay their Certification Fee within 15 days of receiving their PASS Results Notification. Once payment is received the CCP will receive a Certificate of Designation and at that time can use the “CCP” credential following their name.

What if I receive a FAIL CCP Exam result?
Examinee who receives a Fail result may: 1) appeal within 15 days of Notification by submitting an online Hand Score Request Form to the CCP Certification Committee who have designated a neutral third party to review the CCP Exam taken and determine if there was an error in the grading of the CCP Exam, and/or, 2) retake the CCP Exam. All Examinees are eligible only one (1) time during the Inaugural period to retake the CCP Exam and required to submit a Retake Application and CCP Exam Registration, with all applicable fees.

What is required to maintain the CCP credential?
The CCP must attend a minimum of 30 hours of MCLE credit, including 10 hours of legal ethics credit, for a combined total of 40 hours, every 5 years. In addition to tracking their MCLE credits, they must submit copies of all Certificates of Attendance before the end of their fifth year. CCP Renewal Fees and any compliance reminder will be sent 90 days prior to the CCP’s renewal date (CCP Exam and Certificate date).

Is the CCP an accredited exam?
CAPA is in the process of obtaining accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA accreditation); CAPA anticipates receiving accreditation in 2019 or early 2020.

CAPA’s website provides a CCP Fee Schedule for informational purposes. Always access the current form, request or online application for all related fees; administration, examination, registration, or renewal, and any further information or instructions. All fees provided here are subject to change without notice at CAPA’s discretion. All fees are non-refundable.

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