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 “California Certification – Your CCP Future Starts Here!”

Monthly, Second Tuesday at 6:30 pm

CCP EXAM -  State-Specific for California Paralegals  - What is it? What to Expect

STUDY TIPS - Substantive Law; Civil Litigation, Corporate, Criminal, Employment,
Family, Probate & Trust,  and Real Estate

STUDY RESOURCES - California Legal System, Legal Research, Legal Terminology, Communications

CCP Topics –  CCP Exam, Eligibility (BPC 6450 Compliance), Application and Registration  

November 10, 2020 - MCLE ** Ethics Event:|

Ethical Issues Arising in Remote Work:
Competence, Confidentiality, Data Security and Supervision
Presented by Carole J. Buckner, Partner and General Counsel
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

** If the CCP topic is designated as an MCLE event; you must be logged in and attend the entire
webinar for 
a full hour to earn MCLE credit. CAPA uses GoToWebinar attentiveness and participation
to ensure registrants are fully active and eligible to receive a
Certificate of Attendance. **


Link for Event:

 Answer Key for Ethics Questions Provided 021219

A quick article about our May 2019 speaker:  The Life and Career of Hon. Elizabeth White

New Rules of Professional Conduct (download PDF of all Rules)

Best Practices for Paralegals (Provided 091019) 

 Print Flyer by opening in a new tab. 


The CCP Exam Registration tab is inactive while a 2021 exam schedule is being vetted. 

 At this time all CCP Exam dates and locations were subject to postponement by CAPA or the hosting location.  If your location was canceled and a new location can’t be found to accommodate, your application may, if eligible, be assigned to a future CCP Exam and location in 2021.

If you previously submitted an application, you will receive an email from CCP Administration advising you as to your application being complete, that you are compliant, and eligible to sit for the CCP Exam in 2021.

Those who have previously taken the CCP Exam in 2018 or 2019 must submit a complete Retake Application.

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