CAPA CCP Insider - Web Series 2021

“California Certification – Your CCP Future
Starts Here!”


CCP EXAM -  State-Specific for California Paralegals  - What is it? What to Expect

STUDY TIPS - Substantive Law; Civil Litigation, Corporate, Criminal, Employment,
Family, Probate & Trust,  and Real Estate

STUDY RESOURCES - California Legal System, Legal Research, Legal Terminology, Communications

CCP Topics –  CCP Exam, Eligibility (BPC 6450 Compliance), Application and Registration  

Link for Event:

 CCP Spotlight - RECAP Spring


Rules of Professional Conduct (download PDF of all Rules)

Best Practices for Paralegals (Provided 091019) 

The CCP Exam Registration tab is static.  We will provide updated information as soon as it can be released. 

The CCP Certification Program has experienced many challenges and disruptions in its CCP Exam scheduling and we hope to provide each and everyone of you and those anticipating to seek the California certification with alternatives for 2022.

Those who have previously taken the CCP Exam in 2018 or 2019 must submit a complete Retake Application.

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