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CAPA offers several opportunities to partner, market, and advertise on our website, through email campaigns "CAPA Connection", in our Newsletter RECAP, and at our events. 

What Does it Cost?

Website Ads

  • Banner  $150/6 months   $300/1year

CAPA Connection/Email Campaigns (Full Color)

  • 1/2 Page (5.5"x8.5")           $50/one time     $150/1year (4x)
  • Full Page (8.5"x11")           $75/one time     $200/1year (4x)

RECAP Newsletter (Full Color)

  • Business Card (2"x3.5")     $45/one time     $100/1 year (4x)
  • 1/4 Page (4.25"x5.5")         $65/one time     $150/1 year (4x)
  • 1/2 Page (5.5"x8.5")           $95/one time     $220/1year (4x)
  • Full Page (8.5"x11")           $125/one time   $280/1year (4x)

Why Choose CAPA? 

CAPA has visibility through the entire state of California.  We are 12 paralegal associations strong, and serve some of the biggest legal markets, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, and Sacramento.

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