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Questions about Membership in CAPA

How do I become a member of CAPA?

CAPA is an alliance of 10 paralegal associations in the State of California and CAPA membership is derived from being a member of one of the 11 CAPA affiliates.

How do I become a member of a CAPA Affiliate?

The CAPA website has a list of its affiliates with contact information. There are hyperlinks to the associations that have websites where you can download membership applications or request membership information.

What are the benefits of membership?

Each CAPA affiliate has specific benefits for their individual association members. In addition, CAPA offers the following benefits to the members of CAPA affiliates:

  • access to financial service companies that offer insurance and financial planning
  • discounts on the CAPA educational conferences through reciprocity between our affiliated associations
  • discounts on local association events and access to job banks and salary surveys
  • a subscription to RECAP the official publication of CAPA, which is published three times a year
  • Resource Directory
  • Paralegal Guidebook
  • Medical (and other) Insurance
  • City Discounts through Working Advantage
  • And many, many more. Be sure to check out our Member’s Benefit page

Can non-members attend the CAPA annual educational conference?

Non-members can attend the CAPA annual educational conference, but members of CAPA affiliates receive a discount on their registration fees.

How can I become involved in CAPA?

CAPA is governed by a board of directors, which is selected by its affiliates. Each affiliated association selects a Primary and a Secondary representative to serve on the CAPA Board.